Chandra Textiles Pvt Ltd

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Chandra Textiles Pvt Ltd has carved a niche for itself in manufacturing high quality cotton yarn in the super fine counts segment. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in spinning, doubling, singeing and mercerizing. Its major focus over the years has been to support the Handloom market in India.

The company’s products are well accepted in the domestic markets. It ranks among the “Top-Ten” in the super fine counts market. Almost 80% of the yarn produced by the company is value added for supply to manufacturers of high-end sarees &fabrics.


To establish Chandra as the benchmark in the fine count yarn market and carve a niche in the value added yarn segment.

Quality Policy

Striving to deliver quality yarn conforming to the standards that would satisfy both domestic and international markets, by placing emphasis on continuous improvement in every facet of our operation – from manufacturing to marketing through quality management system.


The spinning infrastructure is technologically superior and produces 40 tons of yarn per month. Almost 80% of the yarn produced is value added for supply to manufacturers of high-end fabrics.

  • Spinning
  • Doubling
  • Gassing
  • Reeling
  • Mercerizing


100% Cotton Combed Yarn – Counts ranging Ne80 to Ne120.

  • Single yarn (Auto coned and spliced) and double yarn (ring doubled and wet spliced yarn).
  • Available in both Cone and Hank form.
  • Gassed, mercerized and bleached.