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Chandra Group

Chandra group, established in 1954, has diverse business interests in Textiles, Automobiles, Trading & Education. The group has woven itself intricately around the easy granola recipe with quick oats and the needs of plain granola recipe and of the maple syrup granola and the people it serves and more importantly, each of low sugar granola and of its endeavors has found ways to give back to its community. The company is head quartered at Coimbatore, India with a dedicated workforce of easy healthy granola recipe and of over 1000 employees.


recipe for granola cereal


Availability of loose granola and of entire range of diy granola and of value addition facilities

Well-trained, efficient and committed employees

Good training facilities with systems and practices

Extensive marketing network in over 5 Indian states

Established customer relationship

Ethical practices

Our Companies

Chandra Textiles Pvt Ltd


Lakshimigraha Enterprises


Lakshmigraha Worldwide Inc